The Maid Did It!

I’m just back from Killer Nashville, where I learned that a) just as I suspected, the maid was the killer and b) I need an Author website and blog (hence this website and this blog!).

The conference was terrific. I met so many talented authors and got the opportunity to participate in a (fake) crime scene investigation. A retired police chief staged a crime (complete with a blood-spattered mannequin in the bed) in room 224 of our hotel, and the conference attendees competed to¬†determine the murderer and the motive (aided by videotaped interrogations of the first responders and persons of interest). I’m happy to say that I correctly guessed that the maid killed him in order to cover up her theft of the $57,000 he kept in cash in a bedside shoebox. (He had just broken up with his cheating wife and emptied their bank account.) For a while, the hooker he invited over was looking good for it, but luckily she went straight to a bachelor party and so had a great alibi. Yes, it was deliciously tawdry and convoluted!

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